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  • 8th Grade Art

    Prep’s 8th grade may choose to take a semester of studio art. In that semester students explore the foundational skills of drawing and painting as well as design basics and a little art history. This class earns students ½ of a Carnegie credit.
  • Art I

    9th grade students take Art I as a foundational year-long course that fulfills the fine art credit requirement. Art I offers a range of approaches to both two- and three-dimensional art. By the end of the year students have a portfolio that may include drawing (graphite, colored pencil, charcoal and/or pastels), painting (watercolor and/or acrylics), ceramics, cut paper, and more.
  • Drawing I/II

    Students may choose to spend either a semester or a full year focused on drawing. Through class exercises and individual projects, the course develops students’ observational skills, technical abilities, and creative responses to both the tools of drawing and subject matter. Drawing media may include graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel, soft pastel, ink, and silverpoint.
  • Painting I/II

    Students may choose to spend either a semester or a full year focused on the materials and techniques of painting. Students begin with basic color theory, learning to mix colors using media like acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and oils. Students are then led through exercises and projects that develop their individual responses to subject matter in representational and abstract ways.
  • Glass Design

    In this semester-long course, students explore several different techniques for working with glass. Using Prep’s glass kiln, they will practice fusing and slumping. In the classroom they will learn basic skills of glass cutting and mosaic along with the copper foil method of stained glass production.
  • Pottery

    The Jackson Prep ceramics studio includes space for handbuilding and wheel production. Students develop basic skills – wedging, centering, throwing, joining – and then move on to firing and glazing their work. Students will make their own glazes.
  • 3-D Design

    Students in 3-D Design gain knowledge of sculptural forms and materials. Moving from 2-dimensional sketches to 3-dimensional forms, students develop facility with the technical processes needed to work with wood, metal, cardboard, and other three-dimensional materials.
  • Graphic Design

    Prep’s Graphic Design class acquaints students with Adobe Creative Cloud programs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Classroom exercises increase students ability with these programs, and authentic projects give students the experience of working with clients who have real deadlines and project requirements. Graphic Design can be one semester or a year-long class.
  • Photography

    Focusing on both the artistic and technical aspects of photography, students in this class use their own cameras to compose and edit photos. By the end of this year-long class, students have explored in-class exercises in everything from macro to food photography and have learned to develop their own projects. Students use Photoshop to enhance straight photographs and to generate thoughtful digital art based on their photography.
  • AP Studio Art

    While other AP courses end in an exam, the AP Studio Art course ends with a portfolio of student work. Students create twenty-four college-level works in three sections (Range of Approaches, Sustained Investigation and Quality). Students have the option of completing a 2-D portfolio, a Drawing portfolio or a 3-D portfolio. Digital images are uploaded through a student account and five actual works (the Quality section) are sent for evaluation and grading by AP graders. The Quality works are returned to the students.

    2018-2019 AP Art Students
    2017-2018 AP Art Students
    Neely Wood
    Stewart Shive
    Neil Stewart
    Mary Frances Dickie
    Lindsey Howard
    Miranda Davis
    Anne Clark Harvey
    Graham Roberson
    Zoie Cain
  • Art History

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