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One School
Many Books
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One School Many Books

One School, Many Books is Jackson Prep’s community reading program, designed to bring faculty and students together as readers and thinkers across age and grade levels and share the ways that we have found to enjoy and value books that might not be found in any curriculum.  In early September, our “book clubs” will meet for discussions, and a school-wide celebration of reading will follow on Patriot Avenue. We hope to begin conversations that will last well beyond the celebration of reading that we have planned. 


  1. In 1978, the Prep English faculty recognized the need to encourage Prep students to read purposefully during the summer as part of the academic mission of the school and instituted the summer reading program.
  2. Every study done on raising PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores indicates that students who are well read score better than their peers who do not read or read non-challenging material.
  3. Readers develop the ability to use their imaginations and problem solve creatively—the hallmark of a humanities based education and the foundation of “American ingenuity”.
  4. Good readers make better writers. Students who read quality literature are exposed to vocabulary and sentence structures which become part of their own writing experience.


  1. The books are chosen for each grade level by the grade level teachers who match the reading competency of students with the competency demanded by the books.
  2. The books are chosen to reflect a theme and/or focus the teachers will use during the year.
  3. Teachers attempt to choose quality literature which will provide students with examples of good writing and a compelling story. Books may change every year or so to reflect changes in interest and themes.

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