Why Jackson Prep?

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Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about Jackson Prep. The information provided here is only a glimpse of what we do at Prep to help prepare students for the future. We invite you to explore the rest of our website as well to get a better idea of what makes Jackson Prep unique. If you have any questions about the admission process, please feel free to contact Tracie Mallard at 601-939-8611, ext. 231, or at

If you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the US but are interested in applying to Jackson Prep, please contact Jane Zhu at 601-939-8611 ext 295 or at or You can also click here for more information.

What We Do Best

Jackson Prep sets the standard for secondary school excellence. After all, “preparatory” is in our name – it is what we do best! Jackson Prep passionately pursues one goal: excellence in all that we do. Our students demonstrate it. Our parents support it. Our faculty and staff instill it. Our alumni testify to it. Over the years, this expectation has developed into a tradition unmatched by any other school in the state. Since our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, it is not surprising that their talents and intellectual strengths are as diverse as their personalities. We value the academic abilities of each student and focus all of our resources on nurturing each of their special interests.

The Prep Family

Jackson Prep could not boast of our success if it weren't for all of the individuals who make up our student body, faculty and staff, leadership, and alumni.

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  • Our Student Body

    Jackson Prep serves grades 6-12. In 2016-17, we admitted students from 25 different elementary schools in the Metro Jackson area. The average class at Prep consists of 17 students.
  • Our Faculty & Staff

    The Jackson Prep faculty and staff are comprised of 96 dedicated and experienced professionals, including 46 who have earned post-graduate degrees. Six faculty members hold doctoral degrees.
  • Our Leadership

    Jackson Prep is home to the Global Leadership Institute, where a student is encouraged to discover his/her unique personality and giftedness. Leadership skills are cultivated through mentoring programs, seminars, great leaders forums, and various creative activities and opportunities that equip students to pursue lives of service to their communities and beyond. In 2010, Governor Haley Barbour commended the GLI by presenting the Institute with an official Proclamation Affirmation Resolution.
  • Our Alumni

    Jackson Prep boasts over 5500 alumni – many of whom live in Mississippi and contribute to Prep's future.



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